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Thesis Supervision MS by Research/ME/MTech and Evaluation

  1. Cluster-Based Hybrid Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network,  Bishow Kiran Bhattarai 2024
  2. Human Gait Analysis for Early Detection of Peripheral Arterial Diseases, Rashila Shrestha 2023
  3. A Comprehensive ML Approach to IoT Network Security via Detection of Botnet Threats, Ashish Koirala 2022
  4. An Evidence Based Software Risk Estimation Approach, Dipendra Panta 2021
  5. Gait Analysis in Early Identification of Cardiovascular Disease, Sanjog Sigdel 2020
  6. Prediction of Anemia Using Machine Learning Algorithm, Prakriti Dhakal 2020
  7. Design and Implementation of Cost-Efficient SCADA System for Industrial Automation, Sudip Phuyal 2020 (MS by Research)
  8. An Energy Efficient and Stable Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Peshal Bhattarai 2019
  9. Enhancing Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network Using Clustering Approach, Ajay Thapa 2019
  10. Spatiotemporal Gait Analysis for Cardiovascular Disease, Subhadra Joshi 2019
  11. Improving Evaluation Measures Using Ensemble Technique in Diabetes Dataset, Binay Sharma, 2019
  12. Analysis of Breast Cancer Classification Using Machine Learning, Deepak Ranabhatt 2019
  13. Fault Detection using k-NN for Wireless Sensor Networks, Madhusudhan Chaudhary 2018
  14. Model for Software Risk Management, Sushama Karki 2017
  15. A Hybrid Approach to Java Virtual Machine used in Wireless Sensor Networks, Sapan Aryal 2017
  16. Extracting Meaningful Information from Medical Notes, Awanish Ranjan 2017 (MS by Research)
  17. Sentiment Analysis of Nepali Texts- Chandan Prasad Gupta 2016 (MS by Research)
  18. A New Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks, Anmol Shakya 2015
  19. An Algorithmic Approach to Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Gunendra Bikram Bidari 2015
  20. A Model for Software Risk Management, Deeyoranjan Dongol 2014
  21. Fault Tolerance in Preserving Privacy and Assuring Integrity in Wireless Sensor Network, Shambhu Prasad Khanal 2014
  22. Software Improvement via Software Process Model in Small and Medium Size Software Companies of Nepal, Samyadeo Yadav 2013
  23. Ongoing: 1-Master’s Students
  • Gaurav Koirala