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Internationalization of Kathmandu University

  1. Coordinator: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)- between University of Malaga, Spain, and Kathmandu University, Nepal, 12 July, 2022 (Rector/Vive-Chancellor Level)
  2. Coordinator: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)- between Frederick University, Cyprus and Kathmandu University, 24 October 2021 (Rector/Vive-Chancellor Level)
  3. Contact Person: Cultural and Scientific Agreement- between the University of Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD), Portugal and Kathmandu University (KU), Nepal, on September 2019 (Registrar/Vice-Rector Level)
  4. Coordinator: Cooperative Agreement- between Bialystok University of Technology, Poland and Kathmandu University, Nepal, on 13th October 2017, at Kathmandu University, Nepal (Vice Chancellor/Rector Level)
  5. Coordinator: Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between University of Porto, Portugal and Kathmandu University on 20th January, 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal (Registrar/Vice-Rector Level)
  6. Coordinator: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)- between Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka (HISSL) and School of Engineering, Kathmandu University on 14th October 2015 in Colombo, Sri Lanka (Dean/Director Level)
  7. Coordinator: Hosting incoming faculties/staffs and students from European partner universities at KU and sending faculties/staffs and students from KU to European partner universities, about 100-mobility, through many Erasmus Mobility Projects like INTACT, LEADERS, MOBILE+, Merging Voices Consortium, Erasmus+ Key Action 1, Key Action 103, Key Action 107 and other HE Staff Mobility Programs

Work Contribution to Kathmandu University

  1. Member to upgrade KU website up to Contract Finalization 2018/2019
  2. Volunteer Coordinator of Computer Science Program from late October 2011 to early January 2012
  3. Volunteer Research Degree Coordinator in SOE for 7 years 6 months
  4. Active participation for development and documentation of IT Park Proposal
  5. Active participation for development and documentation of CIKU Proposal
  6. Contribution- Proposal to Pakistan Embassy for constructing building of Dept. of Civil Engineering
  7. CoordinatorScanning of Students’ Record Files of KU for more than one year
  8. Coordinator- Salary Information Software
  9. CoordinatorOnline Document Request Software for Examination Section
  10. Coordinator- Students’ Result Software for Examination Section
  11. Contribution- Recording Graduate Thesis of all departments, School of Engineering
  12. Coordinator- Development and Documentation of Proposal/Report for Reconstruction of CLL Lab after devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015 to Simula Research Laboratory, Norway [Amount: NOK 186000 = NRs. 26,04000]
  13. Coordination with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance for CIKU, KU Silver Jubilee, and ROD related to R&D KU and KOICA
  14. Coordination with Ministry of Home and Office of Prime Minister related to Presence of KU in IT Park
  15. Coordinator- Designing Curriculum Catalog of School of Engineering, KU